We know from our own experience as parents of four children how challenging it can be to be a parent. And therefore, how important it is for parents to have time away, worry free. It is after such holidays that we have the renewed energy to devote ourselves to children in ways that remain joyful and fulfilling.

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To meet this need, we at  have reinvented holidays for children (please learn more at About Us).  assures parents that your child:

Spends holidays in a child-friendly and child-safe environment, with access to healthy food freshly cooked on-site from regional produce (please learn more at Inside Schloss Leizen and Outside Schloss Leizen).

Receives friendly and individual support and guidance from our highly skilled teachers and educators (please learn more at We Offer and How We Are Unique).

We have developed our own innovative conceptual approach that ensures children experience their best holidays.  thus offers the following benefits:

We inspire children to become active, knowledgeable individuals as well as nurture their inherent joy and curiosity for discovery (please learn more at Our Philosophy).

We offer inquiry-based learning and activity programs in weekly modules so that you can book seven, full-day packages (we have programmed our registration and booking process in a parent-friendly, easy and convenient manner).

Our weekly alternating content allows you to enroll your child for up to six weeks without duplication of content (please find out more at Weekly Schedules).

Our back-to-school adaptation process keeps your child intellectually challenged in a simple, playful and child-friendly manner balanced with diverse and fun activities that satisfy your child’s natural need to play, socialize and relax.

We consider our goals achieved if you as a parent experience each week that your child spends at Schloss Leizen as an investment into your child’s social, intellectual and physical development and well-being.
We look forward to taking care of your children at  and wish you relaxing and refreshing weeks.