How we are unique

 creates a holiday offer for children, with uncompromised quality of location, accommodation, facilities, food, educational concept, foreign language training, teachers and entertainment.

We understand that these components are of equal vital importance to parents and children.  benchmarked each of them against the best available market practice with an ambition to exceed in each of these areas individually and offer all components in one unmatched and complete holiday package for your child.

 holiday offer is unique because of its:

Location: Just an hour from Berlin amidst stunning natural scenery. Schloss Leizen is in Germany's “Lake District” and close to a National Park.
Accommodation: Our fully restored and specially converted historic manor house is set in beautiful parkland and has low-density accommodation.
Facilities: German built state-of-the-art play and sport facilities set in our 50,000 square metres of forest and grounds.
Food: Healthy, balanced and varied child-friendly menus, prepared fresh by our cook using local and seasonal produce.
Education: Small groups of only nine children follow our unique concept where learning is an exciting journey of discovery.
Languages: Frequent and fun ability-appropriate foreign language classes in German and English.
Teachers: Fully qualified, dedicated staff trained to understand children's thoughts and emotions and foster curiosity and creativity.
Entertainment: Full programme of on-site, local and regional activities plus city excursions. From Breakfast to lights out.

 is setting a new trend by improving what others may already do well. Our aim is to make a long-lasting contribution to your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.

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You have landed at , where your children spend their most exciting school holidays while away from parents and home.
We assure parents that your children are happy and safe, observing a perfect balance of rest, fun, play, inquiry and socialising.
caters holidays the way each parent dreams them for their children.
Please scroll through our web page to learn how is unique:
  • child-safe and spacious accommodation in our own historic mansion and park;
  • healthy food, freshly cooked from regional seasonal produce in our kitchen;
  • holiday packages with weekly alternating, diverse, enriching and fun activities;
  • strong focus on social skillset development as well as encouragement of independent inquiry processes;
  • activity-based foreign language training.
At  your children become revitalized and inspired and remain active and knowledgeable when they return home from their holidays.

Short overview

Family-owned and operated with complete dedication to exceptional standards.
State-of-the-art, newly renovated historical mansion with eco-friendly, luminous, colorful, spacious and safe accommodation for children.
Situated between Berlin and Hamburg, surrounded by 50000 m2 of forests and parks.
Seasonal, fresh food prepared on-site for a healthy and well- balanced child-appropriate diet.
Experienced, certified teachers who design daily, encouraging courses.
On-site free-time activities including engaging IT classes; inspiring music, theatre, dance, yoga and martial arts; and charming arts & crafts.
Wide variety of outdoor activities: team sports, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, fishing, hiking and lively adventures in the enchanting German countryside.
Educational excursions to Berlin, Hamburg, the Baltic Sea, Bear Natural Reserve, Climbing Park, etc.

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