Outside Schloss Leizen

The territory of  is designed to offer a pleasant, safe, exciting and multi-faceted environment for children. We cater to the different interests and preferences of your children and widen them by inviting kids to:

Discover beach volleyball. The area was professionally built in front of the main entrance to Schloss Leizen using rounded sand to prevent unnecessary injuries.
Play soccer. It took the grass more than one year to give roots and grow before the first children could enter the soccer field. It has been professionally built with the necessary drainage, professional equipment and right planning to create a real football experience.
Master table tennis techniques and improve motor skills, coordination and physical abilities.
Experience climbing and playing on a state-of-the-art playground.
Enjoy hiking through our own forest or jogging at our forest running track or many other activities, such as badminton, other ball games, Frisbee and bike tours.
Bring an exciting day to an end at the bon-fire area in the company of friends and in harmony with nature.

Schloss Leizen is surrounded by 50000 m2 of forests and parks with its dignified population of 300-year-old trees. It lies in close vicinity to Lake Dambeck. We are only few kilometers away from the Mueritz National Park and lie in the heart of Germany’s Mecklenburg Lakelands.

The Mecklenburg Lakelands is an aquatic labyrinth of almost 2000 blue lakes and green islands and is Central Europe’s largest interconnected lake system and one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. The Lakelands are famous for its wonderful landscape, clean air and an outstanding biodiversity, but also for its valuable historic-built environment and its modern touristic infrastructure. The region’s nature is preserved in large protected areas and national parks.