We offer

Our holiday offer targets young guests of 6 to 17 years of age. It is at this age that children:

Are open and eager to discover the world and connect different pieces into a bigger picture.

Need and appreciate adult attention, support, guidance and encouragement in the process of their inherent curiosity to observe, discover and convert findings into knowledge.

Allow parents, teachers and educators to watch them as they turn into enthusiastic learners and environmentally conscious and socially responsible young adults.

Our work is structured around your child and in accordance with your parental aspirations, which is why we offer:

Holidays that strike the perfect balance between games, sports and fun, blended with inquiry-based learning, educational excursions and other exciting activities (please learn more at Our Philosophy).

Warm, vibrant, cozy and spacious accommodation (please learn more at Inside Schloss Leizen).

A large choice of inviting and encouraging state-of-the-art outdoor facilities, where children can test and improve their physical skills and explore the magnificent nature (please learn more at Outside Schloss Leizen).