Inside Schloss Leizen

 owns the child-safe and child-friendly facility of Schloss Leizen and offers your children modern and comfortable accommodation, in particular:

Cozy, light and inviting bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. Your child will feel at home in the warm and friendly set up of . A blend of natural wood, modern tiles, colorful yet calming furniture and high-quality finishing fulfills the motto to deliver accommodation for children that is entirely “made in Germany”.

Second Floor
First Floor

A voluminous and magnificent dining area with its field and forest view is an ideal place to feel calm during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great food tastes even better when enjoyed in the ambience of nature and harmony and in the company of good friends and caring staff.

Our multi-purpose area on the ground floor finds itself in the historic hall with its five-meter high ceilings. The room transcends the awareness of volume and style as well as the impact on the freedom of expression and creativity.

Ground Floor

Our kitchen is equipped with modern

and efficient high-tech devices that were carefully planned to prepare healthy, children-optimized food. Our dedicated chef cooks daily on-site from fresh regional, seasonal produce. We offer an international kitchen with a focus on a simple yet nourishing variety of dishes that cater to every taste, dietary or other requirements and restrictions.


Schloss Leizen is a 19th century manor and a listed monument of Germany’s national heritage. Our aspiration was to create a modern, purpose-built and, in all regards, safe facility for children that still maintains the building’s historical shape and form. Jointly with the German Heritage Protection Authority, we successfully preserved the historic ambience of the building and yet ensured an inviting, fresh and up-to-date interior design.

We translated the grand, luminous and spacious ambience of the 19th century to the children of the modern world. Schloss Leizen recognizes the impact of volume, space and time on the diversity of expression through art and architecture. We mixed cooler notes, modernism and the interpretation of the 21st century with classic details and visual references to history and nature of the region.

During the reconstruction of Schloss Leizen,  committed itself to work with only German suppliers and manufacturers. Oak floors, tiles, pipes, wires and sockets, paint and oil are all top-of-the-line German products. Cozy massive-wood furniture was custom made for us by a German producer. En-suite bathrooms are fitted with high-quality German-made sanitary equipment. Mattresses, blankets and cushions are child-safe and allergy-free. And, of course, especially made for us in Germany.

Due to the legal constraints in keeping the building in its historical shape and form, we highly regret that we could not make the facility barrier-free. This unfortunately limits our ability to accommodate children with certain physical needs.