Our philosophy

Learning Philosophy

We turn the simple learning of isolated facts into an exciting child-led journey of discovery.

If we were to look with your children at an apple, we would encourage them to look into the following perspectives.

An apple can be and is any and all of the following:

Food item and source of energy for humans, animals and insects.
Complex chemical system: water, sugar, oils, starch, acids, etc.
Fruit battery, which can produce enough power for a digital clock.
Source of health benefits for humans – vitamins, antioxidants, acids, pectine, etc.: an apple a day – keeps a doctor away.
Seed for an apple tree.
Can grow only if nature plays as a team: sun, water, soil, temperature, bees and other insects.
In literature: Bible’s tree of knowledge & Solomon’s songs, Goethe’s Faust, Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell, Homer’s Odyssey.
Processed apples: baked, pressed into juice, dried into apple chips, cooked into jam, blended into cakes, crafted as tree decorations.


Children observe, experience and analyse facts and phenomena of the environment from many perspectives.

Engagement with multiple facets of objects and events inspires the lasting joy of learning. Curiosity to discover as well as connect things and thereby strengthen your child’s independence and vitality is a logical consequence.

We ensure that learning is always fun using this method.

Child Appropriate Learning

Our aim is to help each child restore balance in the development of their individual physical, intellectual and social abilities.

 teachers achieve this by sparking and maintaining child-inherent curiosity to discover things.

We use four basic interconnected formats for child-led and teacher-encouraged discovery processes: learning in classrooms, when socializing, through playing and during physical activity.

Children need physical activity to unwind, focus, develop new skills, seek achievement, improve fitness and find well-being. Sport helps to build confidence, resolve conflicts and restore balance, contributing to knowledge acquired in class and during play.

Children learn in classrooms for language, music and technology training in accordance with the weekly schedule. Children expand their horizons by sharing knowledge with friends, testing their research creativity, discussing differences of opinions, relating to different personal backgrounds and exchanging insights - thereby exploring and increasing their intellectual potential.

Curiosity is built in into every human being
If encouraged at a young age, curiosity drives the learning process
Germany For Kids has created a unique and balanced environment, where teachers and carers easily succeed in sparking and maintaining child-inherent curiosity
Learning becomes a fun voyage of discovery when subjects are viewed from different perspectives
the classroom

Playtime is important to decrease stress, experience teamwork, process acquired knowledge, test rules, develop leadership and practice role play. We support, guide and encourage children to expand their playful nature. Our teachers cater to different expressions to ensure that all children are included and experience the joy of playing.

Children socialise during group excursions, in class, during sports, playtime and meals. Our carers invite children to reflect on and further explore different aspects of each week's theme in a subtle and non-invasive manner.

Learning and Playing Environment

We believe that all children strive to test their boundaries, discover the world and broaden their personal activity possibilities.

A secure, peaceful and comfortable environment is of the utmost importance for children to be able to expand themselves.

 pays special attention to the following requirements for an optimum holiday experience:

All our employees treat children in a non-biased, child-friendly and respectful manner. In difficult situations, they do everything to understand frustrations, restore balance in relationships and project kindness on children.

Our teachers and carers approach children with encouragement and support rather than lecturing.

Schloss Leizen offers a warm, vibrant, light, cozy and spacious living environment.

We consider it of utmost importance to:

Deliver diverse and fun activities that satisfy your child’s natural need to play, inquire and socialise.

Contribute to the development of each individual child’s social skills. We pay special attention to your child’s level of self confidence and social intelligence, teamwork and conflict resolution capabilities.

Our care and education team

 teachers and educators undergo a unique selection and qualification process.

In addition to the recruitment requirements of top private schools,  puts a strong emphasis on each teacher’s personality and talents.

 employs only staff that fulfill the following requirements.

Are excited about teaching and educating and convey this excitement to children.

Easily find an appropriate emotional approach towards the children with whom they are entrusted.

Communicate in an equal, non-biased, child-centered and respectful manner.

Give children ongoing opportunities to discover and experience the positive advantages of a knowledgeable and balanced life-style.

Have the ability to consequently dismantle and dissolve negative behavioral patterns in children, absorb aggressive behavior and balance it with a friendly attitude.

Invite children to observe nature with patience and interest and thereby appreciate its beauty and importance.

Break down complex issues and explain them in an easily understandable manner.

Teach English and German language within the framework of the weekly schedule, with the objective to introduce the lasting joy and beauty of learning languages.

Easily excite and motivate children towards learning.

Explore the culture, history and nature of the region around Schloss Leizen during educational excursions.