About Us

The concept of  was designed and brought to life by an internationally mobile family with four children.

Our kids are healthy, active and curious and — just like other children — like to enjoy life and explore the world. We — just like many other parents — believe in fostering this natural ability for inquiry, but also believe in steering it in safe and productive directions.

We have learned that our children can best make use of their inborn abilities when provided with healthy food, child-centered education and adequate rest as well as exciting holidays, where they can naturally continue to explore.

It was easy for us to provide healthy yet delicious food, and a little less easy to find the right school. It was, however, close to impossible to find a holiday camp, where we could reliably send our children during their school vacations, during our relocation phases or even for extended weekends.

We do not wish to compromise on certain criteria that in our view qualify as an ideal holiday camp for children. It is our expectation that children receive fresh daily cooked food from seasonal produce. And are offered a program with lots of sport and fun, structured in a way that allows children to explore their surroundings and stay intellectually challenged in a stress-free, simple and playful environment.

We were unable to find such a holiday camp in Germany, the rest of Europe or in any other accessible location. As a result, we decided to fill the gap and created .

Why we chose Germany:

  • high ecological and safety standards
  • outstanding national infrastructure
  • highly qualified staff
  • fast and reliable medical care.

The country’s stable economic outlook and our family ties were additional reasons to start our project in Germany.

While searching for an ideal property and location we came across an estate in the picturesque Mecklenburg Lake District, situated between Berlin and Hamburg. Both the layout of the building and the beautiful surroundings fascinated us and met our main criteria.

In 2010 we acquired a 19th century manor house «Schloss Leizen», surrounded by five hectares of landscaped gardens with dignified population of 300-year-old trees. The Schloss lies on the outskirts of Leizen, an idyllic village of only 256 inhabitants.

It took us five years to roll out our concept and renovate the historic building into the holiday hotel for children.

We have carefully planned and implemented our detailed child-safety measures. We required every architect and supplier to go above and beyond already high German safety standards:

  • contracted only German manufacturers
  • employed the latest German technology
  • installed a fire protection and alarm system that is directly connected to the fire department
  • implemented a sophisticated security system with video surveillance inside the Schloss and on the territory.

The letters in our logo GermanyForKids reflect our view on people and especially children: every letter is different in shape and color, just like every child is unique in appearance and personality.

Our teachers and instructors are trained to find an individualised approach to each and every child and encourage them to genuinely enjoy and follow a positive, active and knowledgeable lifestyle that will last long after their stay at .

Every boutique hotel has the ambition to make their guests feel at home (or better). If, however, these guests are children on holiday without their parents, such an ambition gains a much higher importance.

We are conscious of the responsibilities that come with fulfilling our ambition. This is why we strive to do everything we can to deliver a warm, modern, radiant, spacious, safe and child-friendly holiday destination and offer holidays the way we wish them for our own kids.

Book your child an exciting, engaging, safe and healthy vacation at !