Weekly Schedules for Group /

Our weekly schedules serve one purpose: to encourage our guests to strive for an active, healthy, social and knowledgeable lifestyle during and after their holidays at .

inquiry-based learning and activities programs are packaged into weekly modules of seven, full-day booking packages. Your child can take classes in German or English and will be assigned into group A, B or C depending on his/her language level.

Each group has its designated theme of the week, which is aligned throughout the activities schedule. You may navigate through your child’s detailed weekly and daily schedule by choosing the language and group level (see below) and selecting the module (calendar week) from the calendar. Please be advised that our educators retain the leeway to introduce changes to the program based on your children’s interests, individual development requirements, group mix, weather situation, availability of planned attractions, etc.

You can book your children for multiple weeks without duplication of content.

Your children will arrive and depart on a Saturday, to ensure a simultaneous welcome into the unique  holiday experience.

Each week at Schloss Leizen offers a perfect balance of play, sports and fun, blended with inquiry-based learning, educational excursions and other interesting activities.


language groups

language level of group


Physical activity per week

min. 10 hours

Language per week

18 hours

Computer or music per week

min. 3.5 hours

Creative expression per week

min. 4 hours