Summer Camp : but better and all year

summer camp group Germany For Kids Schloss LeizenThe summer camp experience is a highly valuable part of many young people’s formative years and there are many amazing camps throughout the world delivering quality programs and care. Here at Germany For Kids we deliver every aspect of a summer camp to the highest level possible and all year! Continue reading Summer Camp : but better and all year

A hike to the lake.

summer fun swimming lake Germany For Kids Schloss Leizen
Our local lake beach

Summer months are the best months, we all know that and our young guests too, there is so much to do around Schloss Leizen in the school holidays but one of the kids’ favourites is one of our simplest, a walk to the beach at our local lake. The journey is packed with fun and interesting places. Continue reading A hike to the lake.

Cycling adventures at Germany For Kids

Segregated Bike Path Germany For Kids Schloss Leizen
The segregated bike path from Germany For Kids to the next village.

Kids love bike-riding and the area immediately surrounding Schloss Leizen could not be better suited to cycling. Germany is famous for it’s segregated bike paths, allowing cyclists of all ages and abilities to travel to work or cycle for leisure along car-free routes that are sometimes more direct than roads themselves. Continue reading Cycling adventures at Germany For Kids

Our Forest : animals and activities

Germany for kids forest
Young Guests on a Nature Treasure Hunt in our forest

The home of Germany For Kids, Schloss Leizen sits in 50,000 square metres of forest and parklands. Our forest has two parts; the 300 year old  trees of various species that form part of the original landscaping of the house grounds and  Continue reading Our Forest : animals and activities

Ceramic and glass painting activity

Ceramic and glass painting Germany For Kids
Creating their own souvenirs of Germany For Kids

Ceramic and glass painting is a great introductory creative activity for all ages at Schloss Leizen.

Watch our creative expression teacher Aranka show how it’s done in this movie. Continue reading Ceramic and glass painting activity

The local girl who became Queen of England

Allan Ramsay - Queen Charlotte (Royal Collection)
Queen Sophie Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz
The region around Schloss Leizen is famous for its history of nobles; dukes, duchesses, princes and princesses. In fact there are over 2000 castles, stately homes and manor houses in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, of which our home, Schloss Leizen is one. In one such palace, only 17 miles from Germany For Kids, a girl was born and raised, who went on to become the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Continue reading The local girl who became Queen of England

Sushi For Kids

Kid-created sushi
Kid-created sushi

At Germany for Kids, we make learning skills fun, we also like to combine subjects as part of our multi-faceted approach. Here’s an activity that brings learning to make tasty and healthy food together with art and creativity; Sushi For Kids.

Continue reading Sushi For Kids

Christmas Decoration Workshop

Christmas and the weeks before it is a special time at Germany For Kids. Snow, ice-skating and crisp frosty air outside, hot drinks and cozy atmosphere inside Schloss Leizen. At this time our creative sessions turn towards encouraging the children to produce individual and unique seasonal decorations to take home as gifts.
Continue reading Christmas Decoration Workshop