Ceramic and glass painting activity

Ceramic and glass painting Germany For Kids
Creating their own souvenirs of Germany For Kids

Ceramic and glass painting is a great introductory creative activity for all ages at Schloss Leizen.

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Custom Clothing Project

At Germany For Kids we realise that modern youngsters live in a service world, where technology and “other people” get things done for them. When young people come to stay with us they take part in fun physical activities, games and learning of course. But we also feel that practical life skills are important. We have developed a number of workshops to give young people hands-on experience of how to create useful objects plus repair and maintain everyday items in a fun and creative way. Continue reading Custom Clothing Project

Sushi For Kids

Kid-created sushi
Kid-created sushi

At Germany for Kids, we make learning skills fun, we also like to combine subjects as part of our multi-faceted approach. Here’s an activity that brings learning to make tasty and healthy food together with art and creativity; Sushi For Kids.

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Christmas Decoration Workshop

Christmas and the weeks before it is a special time at Germany For Kids. Snow, ice-skating and crisp frosty air outside, hot drinks and cozy atmosphere inside Schloss Leizen. At this time our creative sessions turn towards encouraging the children to produce individual and unique seasonal decorations to take home as gifts.
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