Custom Clothing Project

At Germany For Kids we realise that modern youngsters live in a service world, where technology and “other people” get things done for them. When young people come to stay with us they take part in fun physical activities, games and learning of course. But we also feel that practical life skills are important. We have developed a number of workshops to give young people hands-on experience of how to create useful objects plus repair and maintain everyday items in a fun and creative way.

This week we welcomed new team member Frau Schulz to Germany For Kids.  Having worked as a dressmaker  all her life she is passionate about passing on her knowledge of fabrics, sewing, knitting and embroidery to girls and boys of all ages.

Frau Schulz will be delivering regular workshops with our young guests teaching them the basics of her skills and encouraging them to express their individuality by customising their existing clothes, using the techniques she teaches.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the participants and their creations.

Frau Schulz and her first class
Frau Schulz and her first class

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