Ceramic and glass painting activity

Ceramic and glass painting Germany For Kids
Creating their own souvenirs of Germany For Kids

Ceramic and glass painting is a great introductory creative activity for all ages at Schloss Leizen.

Watch our creative expression teacher Aranka show how it’s done in this movie.

We choose this activity often as one of our first creative workshops of the week because it is suitable for any age or ability. The techniques is simple and our young guests are limited only by their imagination, if they make mistakes they are simple to correct. It also enables us to make an informal assessment of their artistic abilities so that we can give them the individual attention that will help them develop their creativity during the rest of their time with us.

glass and ceramic painting Germany for kids
Some examples of glass painting from our young guests.

As well as ceramics and crockery, glass and stone can be used.

What we love about this workshop is that every single child can and does produce a unique, personal, colourful  souvenir of their time at Schloss Leizen, when they achieve success early in their stay with us it instills confidence for the rest of their holiday opening up further creative possibilities to them.



  • It took me just under one hour to paint the plate in the video, but remember it’s not a race.
  • The special paint we use can be baked in the oven to harden, so any ceramic and stone items can be used not just for decoration but to eat from!
  • We recommend Pébéo paints 

Take a look at our gallery below to see kids creating their pieces and a few examples.

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