The local girl who became Queen of England

Allan Ramsay - Queen Charlotte (Royal Collection)
Queen Sophie Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz
The region around Schloss Leizen is famous for its history of nobles; dukes, duchesses, princes and princesses. In fact there are over 2000 castles, stately homes and manor houses in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, of which our home, Schloss Leizen is one. In one such palace, only 17 miles from Germany For Kids, a girl was born and raised, who went on to become the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Continue reading The local girl who became Queen of England

A Brief History of our region

Hanseatic Architecture Stralsund Germany For Kids Schloss Leizen
Hanseatic Architecture Stralsund

It is impossible to ignore the rich history surrounding Schloss Leizen, all around us are reminders of the region’s past. British Queens to the Ice Age there is always something to engage young peoples minds with the past as we venture out on trips, bike rides and hikes. Continue reading A Brief History of our region