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summer camp group Germany For Kids Schloss LeizenThe summer camp experience is a highly valuable part of many young people’s formative years and there are many amazing camps throughout the world delivering quality programs and care. Here at Germany For Kids we deliver every aspect of a summer camp to the highest level possible and all year!

As parents ourselves we are aware that even though our kids have, in general always enjoyed summer camp and activity holidays, they don’t always live up to their’s or our expectations. We aim to make every part of your child’s stay as high-quality as possible.

Actitivites at Germany For Kids Schloss Leizen Summer camp
Supervised bike ride from Schloss Leizen

Activities: Our holidays are all-inclusive and there are no extra charges for activities day trips, or excursions. We visit museums and attractions in major cities such as Berlin and Hamburg or beautiful seaside towns such as Stralsund which houses the famous Ozeaneum Aquarium. We also offer regional activities such as angling, sailing, pony-riding, pool and lake swimming, canoe-safaris in the National Park, climbing and cycling on the amazing German cycle network and woodland tracks, all supervised by our trained and dedicated staff. Learn more on our site here.

Schloss Leizen Germany For Kids summer camp
Schloss Leizen : Our Home

Location: Schloss Leizen, where we are based is 19th Century Manor House fully renovated as a Children’s “hotel” and summer camp set in it’s own park and woodland just one hour from central Berlin amongst the beautiful lakes and forest of the German lake district and near the Muritz National Park. Read more about the history of the Schloss here or more on our website here.

accommodation girls bedroom Schloss Leizen Germany For Kids
Girl’s bedroom with en-suite bathroom at Schloss Leizen

AccommodationIt’s a question all kid’s ask when going to summer camp, do I sleep in a tent? well, of course at some camps they do, at some in cabins and others dormitories. Here at Schloss Leizen our guest sleep in purpose designed and built bedrooms which sleep 2,3 or 4 children. The rooms are furnished with solid German-built wooden beds and furniture and have en-suite bathrooms. Each child is assigned a colour and their towels, flannel and bedclothes will all be the same colour so they don’t get mixed up! read more about our accommodation here.

Breakfast at Germany For Kids summer camp Schloss Leizen
Breakfast at Germany For Kids

Food: Kid’s can often be disappointed by food at summer camp and so can parents! At Germany For Kids, all meals are prepared on site by our dedicated kitchen team based on organic, seasonal, local and sustain-ably sourced ingredients. Though there is no “a la carte” menu there is always plenty to choose from and we cater to most specialist diets. Learn more here. Or take a look at one of our creative food workshops “sushi for kids

beach volleyball germany for kids summer camp schloss leizen
Our Kompan climbing frame

Facilities and Safety: Here at Schloss Leizen we have a professional beach volleyball court, soccer and hockey pitches, and an adventure climbing frame built in to our grounds, plus inside: table tennis, library, computer room, music room and function room (where we hold our cinema nights). There is also a sport hall equipped for basketball, indoor soccer, handball, badminton, dance and fitness. All our facilities, rooms and the whole building have been designed with children’s safety in mind. We have installed the latest fire and security systems and, of course a perimeter fence.

knowledge skills Germany For Kids Summer Camp Schloss Leizen
Learning new skills at Germany For Kids

Knowledge: Whilst on holiday our guests take part in creative and skill sessions, they are designed to be age and ability appropriate and may often tie-in to our outdoor activities, such as creating art from items found in nature during one of our exciting GPS orienteering / treasure hunts. The whole year is programmed in advance and takes into account, seasons and international holidays, take a look at our Christmas decoration workshop as an example. There’s more on our learning philosophy here.

Language learning summer camp germany for kids schloss leizen
Small group, age-appropriate language learning

Languages: Our young guests take part in language learning in either German or English during their stay. We have taken great care to ensure that, as with our activity program, there is no repetition of content for extended stays. Our guests learn in ability and age-appropriate groups of nine children or less and the weekly topics and syllabus relate to our knowledge and activity programs ensuring learning is fun and interactive. There’s more detail here.

carer germany for kids schloss leizen summer camp
Caring for kids the Germany For Kids way.

Care: Our team of carers, educators and guides are all trained by us to deliver the level of care that we would wish for our own children. Genuine attention and concern to the individual child and an attitude of constantly striving for the best experience and attainment for all our guests. Learn more on our main site here.

We hope that you like Germany For Kids, if you are interested in booking a stay for your children visit our booking page. To keep up to date follow us on social media:  Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Linked in : Pinterest : Google + : Xing or sign up to our newsletter on the left-hand side of this page.


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