Rubber band, oranges and apples

Can you make a solar system out of that?

Yes we can!!!


Last summer the kids discovered the Solar system and learned a lot of interesting facts about its makeup! At our reunion, we decided to brush up on our knowledge and reconstruct the Solar system.



Due to obvious safety concerns, we didn’t use rocks or gas as planet building materials, but chose colourful rubber bands, styrofoam balls, dried orange slices, and, of course, apples!


Our staff at Schloss Leizen creates an atmosphere that encourages kids to ask questions and find answers to them, share their knowledge and skill sets with others.  As usual when we meet up with kids on reunions, the evening ends in a themed quiz party. Take a look at the quiz question:

This planet got its name after Roman king of gods who was also the god of the sky and the thunder. IT is known for its (at least) 69 moons and a big red “eye”. What planet is it?  

Leave your answer in the comments below!