We are what we eat!

We are very happy that we finished the process for our organic (BIO) certification! We’ve cooked bio before, but are entitled to refer to it as BIO now!

Which is why we serve healthy and balanced diets to our young guests at Schloss Leizen. Last week we went a level higher and finally got our official certification as an ORGANIC FOOD provider. We can now openly announce that almost all of our suppliers are organic certified (mostly German regional) companies. The two major exceptions are our long-term local partners that deliver excellent quality milk Van der Ham (from the nearby village Bollewick) and fish Die Müritzfischer (from Waren an der Müritz).


Spring camp 2018

Schloss Leizen is kicking off the 2018 Camp season in May with a special water sports themed youth camp!

You have the choice between 3 different packages (Spring Camp Pfingsten 2018): stay from

  • May 19th to May 26th for EUR 699,
  • May 19th to 22nd for EUR 333,
  • May 26th to 27th for EUR 111.

New activities included in this package are sailing on Lake Müritz, canoeing in the Müritz Lakelands and beach football on our newly built Schloss Leizen beach soccer court.

For people who choose not to do sports we offer our newly developed internet self-defense course, where you will find out about the dangers involved in using social media or the internet in general and learn about effective cyber self-defence techniques. For more information click here.

10 Reasons to Choose Schloss Leizen Summer Camp 2018

 is setting a new trend by improving what others may already do well. Our aim is to make a long-lasting contribution to your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development. In this post you will discover why you should choose Schloss Leizen for your kids.

Reason 1. Cosy, Nice and Beautiful Accommodation

Your child will feel at home in the warm and friendly set up of Schloss Leizen. A blend of natural wood, modern tiles, colourful yet calming environment and high-quality finishing fulfils the motto to deliver accommodation for children that is entirely “made in Germany”.

Learn more

Reason 2. Sports and Play On-site Facilities

The territory of Schloss Leizen is designed to offer a pleasant, safe, exciting and multi-faceted environment for children. We cater to the different interests and preferences and invite your children to try our on-site offer.

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Reason 3. Healthy, Fresh and sooo Delicious!

Kids Love healthy food. But only when it TASTES. Our Chef de Cuisine Maik Diekmann makes sure that he cooks for every taste and dietary requirement of your children. Parents can rest assured: no upset stomach, canned food or sugar drinks! We cook fresh on site. Three meals every day. From regional organic produce. Healthy drinks, fresh fruit&vegetable snacks. Packed lunches for trips are also hand made in Schloss Leizen. 

Click here to see images and videos from cooking 🍳 and backing 🍰workshops with Maik.

Reason 4. Learn or Find Out?

Do we teach at Schloss Leizen? During holiday summer camps and residential class trip time? Well, we rather inspire and guide your children to find out on their own. Anything and everything can be an inspiration. For example, an apple!

Read more about our philosophy here.

Reason 5. Why we offer high safety and security standards

Do you worry about the safety of your kids when you send them somewhere? Well, if your kids are in Schloss Leizen there is no need to. As well as having qualified staff present around your kids at all times, we offer high-tech security system to keep your kids safe. High quality video monitoring and a fire protection system which complies with Germany’s top security standards are benchmarks Schloss Leizen can offer you. And in case of any event: don’t worry! The fire department headquarters are only ten meters away!

Reason 6: We are located in one of the most beautiful places in Germany

Ask yourself: How beautiful is the Leizen region exactly? Well, we don’t have to tell you – look at the video below instead! Also called the German lake district, this area in the Mecklenburg Western Pomerania is one of the most beautiful places for your child to spend their holidays in. As well as organising activities and tours in the region, Schloss Leizen places huge value on exploring this pearl of a landscape.

Reason 7: Schloss Leizen’s beautifully furnished bedrooms are safe and hygienic

Allergy safe bedcovers, high-quality damask bedclothes and cotton towels. Beautiful wooden floors covered with special natural oil and slip-free bathroom tiles to ensure that no one gets hurt. How awesome is that? Hygiene and safety heaven is what Schloss Leizen truly is. And everything is color coded so that everyone knows what is theirs and what not, too!


Reason 8: We encourage your children to lead a balanced and healthy life!

Have you ever had the feeling you or your child spend too much time indoors and don’t go outside to play, exercise or socialize? Well, here at Schloss Leizen we try to avoid exactly that. As well as preparing the healthy meals you already know about, staff at Schloss Leizen invites your kids to play outside, exercise during training sessions and socialize during group excursions and other team activities. However, we do not force anybody to take part in all our activities (although most kids like what we do once they tried it out). 

Reason 9: Our staff truly cares!

Have you experienced educators that truly care for your children? E.g. your child’s most favorite schoolteacher? Well, if you haven’t or if you want to experience it again, Schloss Leizen is the best place for your kids to go. When at Schloss Leizen, our trained staff is always available and helpful. See for yourself…


To be continued…

Schloss Leizen at ECIS Conference in Berlin

Today and tomorrow Schloss Leizen is presenting its School and Class Trip offers to international schools from Europe at the ECIS Conference in Berlin.

Thank you to all the school leaders who dropped by and got inspired by our offer.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Schloss Leizen.

Take a look at our current offers.



Schloss Leizen at BSME conference in Abu Dhabi

This time we are representing Schloss Leizen at the BSME Annual Conference (British Schools in the Middle East) in Abu Dhabi and are very pleased to know just how many fabulous ways there are to help kids discover the world.

Discover Germany!

Take your class on a trip to Schloss Leizen!

Take a look at our current offers.

Mecklenburg Karneval Pancakes : Regional and German produce

Mecklenburg pancakes
Mecklenburg pancakes

At this time of year people all over Germany are celebrating “Fasching” or “Karneval”. Children (and adults) take part in costume parties through the seven days leading up to Ash Wednesday. It is the same festival time made famous by celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and Venice, Italy.



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Custom Clothing Project

At Germany For Kids we realise that modern youngsters live in a service world, where technology and “other people” get things done for them. When young people come to stay with us they take part in fun physical activities, games and learning of course. But we also feel that practical life skills are important. We have developed a number of workshops to give young people hands-on experience of how to create useful objects plus repair and maintain everyday items in a fun and creative way. Continue reading Custom Clothing Project

Christmas Decoration Workshop

Christmas and the weeks before it is a special time at Germany For Kids. Snow, ice-skating and crisp frosty air outside, hot drinks and cozy atmosphere inside Schloss Leizen. At this time our creative sessions turn towards encouraging the children to produce individual and unique seasonal decorations to take home as gifts.
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